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At GLZ Abogados, we streamline legal practice:

Prevention, Commitment, Trust and Community
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GLZ Lawyers

Since the inception of GLZ Abogados in 2009, our focus has been on customer service.

Since our founding as an independent firm, we have traced a path marked by our special detail in customer service and a deep dedication to our fundamental values of prevention, commitment, trust and community.
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At GLZ Abogados, we streamline legal practice:

Our Firm is made up of lawyers who have solid experience in their areas of expertise, which allows them, thanks to continuous updating, to provide legal advice in accordance with the reality of the client's business, considering all aspects of their business decisions.

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practice areas
We have a wide range of practice areas to meet the needs of our clients

We have a wide range of comprehensive services in labor matters, ranging from the optimization of human and material resources to the prevention of possible work contingencies, as well as defense in lawsuits.

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Corporate and Corporate Management

We offer comprehensive advice on business organization, advising our clients to choose between operating individually or as a company, and supporting them in setting up companies and in all related matters that may arise as necessary.

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We offer comprehensive advice on tax matters, including the prevention of contingencies and litigation, the design of operational structures for business activities, and representation in tax lawsuits in local and federal matters.

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Civil and Commercial Litigation

We provide comprehensive advice in civil and commercial litigation to ensure the timely protection of the rights and interests of our clients, always prioritizing the prevention of risks and controversies.

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We provide comprehensive advice to our clients in all stages and aspects related to government disputes at the federal, state and municipal levels.

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We have comprehensive advice backed by years of experience in a wide range of environmental and climate change issues, both in the public and private sectors. In addition, we have a team that is experienced in ESG issues.

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Comprehensive arbitration advice provided by one of our certified advisors as an arbitrator before the “Chartered of International Arbitration”.

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Corporate and Tax Consulting in the U.S.

We offer comprehensive corporate and tax advice in the United States, ranging from company formation and contract drafting, to the management of mergers and acquisitions and strategic planning in tax matters.

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Corporate and Tax Consulting in Europe

At GLZ Abogados, we provide comprehensive advice in Europe for company formation, management of mergers and acquisitions, drafting of commercial contracts, corporate governance planning, and other activities.

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Banking and Finance

At GLZ Abogados, we stand out for our extensive experience in the financial, banking and securities sectors, specializing in structuring, negotiating, facilitating and executing innovative financing solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

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Life Sciences

Our professionals have years of experience in health issues and the development of health regulations, being involved in the creation of the main Mexican regulations and official standards in this area.

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Foreign Trade

We offer specialized services in international trade for our clients who carry out activities within the framework of international treaties and agreements signed by Mexico in order to minimize both fiscal and customs costs and risks.

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Economic Competition

We provide legal services in the most important aspects of economic competition, ranging from prevention to litigation in all its stages.

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GLZ Abogados specializes in providing expert and strategic advice on critical compliance issues, focusing our focus on the fundamental principles of identification, prevention, action, advice and training.

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Concursos Mercantiles y Procedimientos de Insolvencia

Contamos con una sólida trayectoria participando y asesorando satisfactoriamente a diversos participantes en procedimientos concursales.

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We have correspondents for the best diligence of all our matters in order to provide the best service to our clients.

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We have experts in sports law, as well as different legal areas related to sports.

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We offer comprehensive services to manage our clients' projects in the energy sector before the various regulatory bodies.

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We address family law issues, including the management of testamentary and intestinal inheritances, support in drafting wills, and advice in cases of divorce and other potential litigation related to family matters.

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We have specialists in the technology sector who have extensive experience in international IT companies and Fintechs, as well as in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies.

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Real Estate

We provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients in all types of real estate transactions to ensure legal compliance and the viability of their projects from the beginning of the projects to their conclusion.

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Foreign Investment and Business Development in the U.S.

We offer comprehensive solutions for foreign investors in Mexico and advice for clients seeking to open businesses in the U.S. UU.

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Administrative and Constitutional Litigation

We provide advice on administrative and constitutional litigation, ranging from constitutional controversies, unconstitutional actions and amparo lawsuits, to guidance on constitutional litigation at the local level.

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We offer comprehensive advice to our clients in all aspects relevant to migratory matters.

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Patrimonial en México y EE.UU.

We provide comprehensive advice to the personal, family and financial relationships of our clients through all the areas of expertise we have, thus supporting them to make informed and effective decisions.

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At GLZ Abogados, with more than twenty years of experience in port law, we manage all types of procedures, concessions, authorizations and contracts with various port authorities.

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Money Laundering Prevention

At GLZ Abogados, we offer a comprehensive service for the prevention of money laundering, always ensuring robust and effective regulatory compliance for our clients' companies.

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Intellectual Property

We have specialists in the field of industrial and intellectual property to advise our clients on everything related to the protection and registration of new creations, as well as in the monitoring and surveillance of their intellectual property rights.

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Consumer Protection

At GLZ Abogados we are recognized for our vast experience in consulting and litigation in consumer and advertising law, making us stand out for our high representation of clients before the Federal Consumer Attorney's Office.

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We offer comprehensive regulatory services, ensuring regulatory compliance for our clients' companies through the implementation of internal policies and continuous adaptation to local, national and international regulations.

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Legal Translations

We have not only the linguistic but also the legal knowledge to provide legal translation and certification services by an official expert.

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Recursos Humanos

Ofrecemos asesoría preventiva, integral y personalizada para cada cliente y situación en el manejo del Recurso Humano.

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Nuestra firma ofrece colaboración temporal y flexible con otras organizaciones, adaptándose a sus necesidades y temporalidades específicas, y contamos con el registro REPSE para prestar servicios especializados.

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Litigate with a human perspective.

“The seal that defines us on a daily basis is the human issue, because we know that the legal aspect helps you to solve problems correctly, but you have to combine it with the human side to get to the bottom of the conflict. In addition to this, we have a personalized service, where partners are always involved in the subject, and we are responsible for what is happening at each step of the process”

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GLZ Abogados, a law firm with diverse specializations

This group of lawyers offers their services, the common denominator being a passion for what they do and a deep commitment to the causes of their clients.

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Legal Experts that Build Trust and Results

GLZ Abogados is a law firm that has decided to reinvent itself in response to the challenges present in the legal field. With a clear and decisive vision, they have solidified themselves under a prevention scheme in the legal problems that may arise with their clients.

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At GLZ we can solve it!

The firm GLL Abogados integrates new partners in the areas of tiscal, commercial, corporate and labor tenders. Founded more than fifteen years ago, its growth has led the firm to consolidate its presence in the market, based primarily on the trust placed by its clients. The main value for the firm is to provide the best service, so new partners are committed to maintaining this kindness.

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awards and recognitions
Our firm is recognized among the most relevant directories worldwide
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We are part of HLB International.

Thanks to the power of 46,755 professionals in 157 countries, we are the only law firm in Mexico that is part of this platform.

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Inclusion and Diversity
At GLZ Abogados, our social responsibility is a natural extension of our core values.

We actively engage in social projects and collaborate with associations that promote equality and social development. We believe in being agents of positive change in our community, working to build a more just and equitable world for all.

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